Slash Films Logo

Ooh! I had fun with this one!

A logo for a company providing camera equipment and props to film crews. I’m quite a big movie film fan so this one was fun.

Given that in the prompt they mention it’s to go on the end credits I wanted to avoid anything with too much colour as you don’t tend to get a lot of colour at the credits.

I worked on two ideas, but far preferred the second one. The first idea was the clacker board. That’s synonymous with movies, but whilst I did do it as a mock up I decided it would be more fitting for a film company than a Camera equipment company.

My second option was to do a Camera silhouette which I created by hand in photoshop which I felt was much more fitting and relevant. I made a slash effect on the word Slash to emphasise that.

The final logo went through a couple of iterations till I was happy. Initially the word films was much thinner than the word slash, but it didn’t go well when resized so stuck to a clearer font.

For the mock-ups I did a fake credits in a move theatre and created a sheet of vinyl stickers. I am pretty pleased with the sticker sheet as I created this mock-up in it’s entirity ;D

Final Logo Light On Dark
Final Logo Light on Dark

The initial version that I had to change as you lose the detail of the word Films
The Mock-up vinyl Sticker Sheet to put on Assets

Created this from scratch, wanted to give it the effect of the background being the sticker sheet, with each vinyl sticker being on sticker base for ease of use. Created the page curl effect on the top left hand corner and got everything lined up.

Pretend Credits

A couple of little easter eggs in the credit. The move screen image was from pixabay, which I downloaded some time ago to help a friend with a cover idea. Overlaied the credits with icon on top.

Just for reference – Initial hand drawn mock-up of ideas. and the two initial ideas which I didn’t think was interesting enough.

Initial rough Sketch
Initial Idea – dark on light
Initial Idea – Light on Dark

Logo Challenge Day 6
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