Caroline LeeName: Caroline Lee

Date of Birth: 28th August 1979

Appearance: 5ft 7in, blue eyed, dark blond hair (though my hair has been pretty much every colour including purple, red, blonde, black, ginger etc.)

Location: South Yorkshire, UK


I’m married to Dave since 2001 and I am a mum to Amy(2005), Cara(2007) and Alex. I’ve loved creative writing and art (drawing/sketching/cartooning) for a long time. I am also an award podcaster and co-host a weekly LIVE podcast with my husband called The Bugcast. I’m a little bit nutty and pretty much everywhere you find me online, you’ll find me under the guise of moosical or lil-miss-moo. I am also an avid reader, computer geek, web designer and developer (Moobug Solutions) and a part time Social Media Project worker for SYCIL (South Yorkshire Centre for Inclusive Living).


It’s quite ironic that a website devoted to my creative writing saw me flummoxed as to what to write here! I hate doing introductions on websites, it seems so difficult to put into words what I want to. In my head I had loads of ideas that sounded ‘cool’, but writing them out just seemed so odd.

I guess its the difference between writing for pleasure and writing because you have to. If I am working on a story I seldom have issues, but things like this make me sound like a bumbling fool.

I have had an interest in creative writing for a long time. Initially the thought of ‘creative writing’ left me in a cold sweat, I feared that I had lost my imagination, because I like any attempt to use it was met with… nothing! Then I got back into reading and I found that my imagination became stronger.

I started to have ideas of stories, but I did little more than write the ideas down. I tried to put an early idea down during Nanowrimo in 2008 and due to not planning the story out properly, I didn’t get very far, but I kept what I did for the future.

Then I got into Harry Potter and Twilight and started to explore fanfiction, at first I was very much a reader, but then I started to have ideas of my own and I started to write my own pieces of fanfiction and I started to enjoy it. There were some stories out there that got hundreds and thousands of reviews, some deserved it, some I didn’t get, but I never wrote anything with a view to get reviews, I did it because I had an itch that needed to be scratched.

I actually wrote some long stories, I took part in a couple of ‘bigbangs’ (writing challenges) and I also joined several writing communities on livejournal and my confidence began to grow.

I joined a local writing group, which I still take part in, several people from diverse backgrounds, all with their own individual preferences and viewpoints and I started to enjoy writing even more.

I’ve ‘won’ NaNoWriMo a couple of times, successfully writing over 50,000 words within the 30 days of November. That was the easy part, the hard part is editing them and making them something worth reading.

In 2012 I looked back over that first ever Nanowrimo attempt and compared it to my writing in the years to follow and I can see where I have improved and I can also see where I need to improve more.

This site will showcase my writing. Including my fanfiction, nanowrimo attempts, drabbles, short stories and original novellas and novels. I would also like to explore my characters that appear in my stories, which is something I enjoy a lot.

I will review books I have read by other authors as well as creative writing methods. I might also review films/TV Shows and other media.

I will also publish author interviews and post about book releases.

I will also chronicle the work I am undergoing and lessons I learn about writing/self publishing and promotion.