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  • Logo Challenge – Day 19
    This was an interesting prompt. Software for the Mac called TabSpace which works with Github and Zendesk. I went with a circular logo (black) as Github and Zendesk both use black in their logo) and did the TAB arrows in Green and Space in Blue to represent TabSpace. I made sure that the black circle
  • Logo Challenge – Day 18
    This was an interesting challenge. I went with the simple (though it wasn’t simple to do)… I created the letters by creating each element and slicing together, using smart guides to measure the sizes and remain consitency. Used blue due to their use of water jet technology.
  • Logo Challenge – Day 17
    A fun one this one. Creating a logo for a certificate programme to mark that a product is Canadian. Simple colour palette and based on Maple Leaf. Took some time getting everything lined up, but a fun project. Added a Tick off centre from the Maple Leaf and used some wavy lines either side of
  • Logo Challenge – Day 16
    This one wasn’t my favourite. FAAASHION is a fashion blog and wanted a logo for their branding and one to create limited edition pins. I had an idea of what I wanted, but not 100% happy with the outcome. They wanted to make pins that were either rectangular or circular and didn’t want any gradients.
  • Logo Challenge – Day 15
    This prompt was interesting. An online school teaching students how to code on the Ethereum network (Blockchain). They wanted something that incorporated the existing Ethereum logo and it’s normal colours that also signified the learning aspect, but wanted to avoid stereotypical elements like graduation caps etc. I considered a book option, but as this learning
  • Logo Challenge – Day 14
    Been a really busy day today finishing up some training, so didn’t get as long as I would have liked to work on this. Interesting one this one, a logo for someone who designs typefaces. They mentioned that they generally do fonts such as calligraphy and handwriting, so I wanted to emulate this in what

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