Logo Challenge – Day 13

This one had a bit of direction to it. Black coloured surface, want to use a science fiction font/modern sans serif.

For a speaker company who wanted it circular too.

For this one I kept the logo black (though have white options in case they want it to pop out more from equipment.

I used a spiral I had created in procreate recently with some colour with the font overlay to show the 360 nature and with it being a spiral it shows that it goes all the way round.

Quite a simple one this time, but sometimes simple just works. Tried out a few fonts, the square block one looks great at a large size, but is lost a bit at smaller sizes, the other two are much clearer.

Rift Font with 360 heavier on black
Unibody 8 pro font on black
Saffran Font on Black

Rift Font with 360 heavier on white
Unibody 8 Pro font on white
Saffran Font on White

Logo Challenge – Day 13
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