Logo Challenge – Day 12

This challenge was interesting. Crisp Decor – A blog about internal decor.

The ‘client’ wanted something to help people recognise the blog and their niche was exploring minimal decor.

I decided to focus on just one item of furniture, I wanted to avoid a chair as I think that is often the go-to and instead I settled for a sofa. I created a simple sofa using rounded rectangles and created 4 copies of differing colours. I then arranged these on a simple room layout to fall behind the text.

I chose shades of brown for the fond lettering and a muted beige for the flor space. I used a clean crisp font for the word crisp and a more decorative script font for the word Decor.

Definitely a different type of logo.

Logo on Black
Logo on White
Logo Challenge – Day 12
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