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Physical Health

I headed to Clifton Park after dropping the girls off at school and enjoyed a walk. Just under 3 miles in just under an hour and I made sure I alternated walking up and down hill to get in some variety.

I did stop a couple of times to take photographs, but tried to keep a steady pace the rest of thetime.

Pretty pleased, but would have quite liked to have gone beyond the 3 mile marker. Part of me felt like going back in to do just a bit more, but I resisted! I was due to go pick up Alex later on anyway.

Took some time to take a look at the cenotaph as there was still some displays from remembrance Sunday.

Clifton Park Walk
Autumn Leaves

Autumn Tree
Woodland Path
Remembering those we lost in WW1

Cenotaph and Poppy Display
Remembering those we lost in WW2

Mental Health/Emotional Health

I finally got around to starting a training course I bought on Udemy during the first lockdown. All about Graphic Design. I have the full Adobe Creative Cloud and want to make more use of it. I have some training courses through neostock elite which I can also do too, which I am looking forward to doing.

Part of the early videos, the tutor suggested making sure you do daily practice and suggested a daily logo challenge, so I did that yesterday and really enjoyed it. I’ve done a write up at https://iwrote.uk/2020/11/logo-challenge-day-1/.

Lockdown 2 Day 6
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