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Physical Health

I went on a solo walk today. Just under 1 hour 8minutes and I did 3.7 miles. The first part of the walk was downhill, followed by a while on the straight and then came the up hill battle and I chose a harder route this time.

Oh I am feeling that now. Conisbrough is built on hills, so whatever route you take you have to go up as well as down, but some routes are harder than others and I tackled Elm Green lane for part of it and it’s pretty steep!

Had to be a bit careful with the footing too as there were lots of wet leaves around and given how it was foggy and damp I didn’t particularly fancy slipping.

Spotted a few questionable sites on my walk. First the group of five motorcyclist who came out from Denaby craggs (A WALKING route). Four of them wore helmets, One didn’t and the one that wasn’t wearing a helmet was also giving another rider a life, also with no helmet. It’s a big issue in our area and given the poor visibility they were really nutty.

I then passed 3 people on quad bikes tearing up Bolton Street, none of them wore helmets and they were all covering their faces. I found it almost amusing the one at the back with the full balaclava on, straddling the quad bike and standing up with his chest puffed out like he was the big “I am” as he passed, to then hear countless horns blaring at them as they caused a nuisance.

Visibility was poor on this walk. But I got some photos in. It’s amazing how much is hidden with fog. On part of my walk it was odd to see the houses, and not the view of the castle, which was completely hidden from view.

This is the ‘Top Field’ a large field, not that you can see it!
Old fashioned way marker
Conisbrough Station House

To explain why I took a photo of conisbrough station house.

This is where Donald Pleasance was born. His father was the station master in the 1940s.

For a short period of time he worked in L.N.E.R and worked as a booking cler at Conisbrough and Swinton stations before leaving to enter the theatrical profession. He had taken part in festivals in Sheffield, Barnsley, Scunthorpe and Cleethorpes winining awards in some. He also joined Ken Nasmith repertory company in Jersey (Channel Islands) as actor and assistant stage manager.

In the early days, one of his first performances was in ‘Wuthering Heights’ in Jersey, he then went on to be a well known Hollywood actor. He was in many successful films including:

  • Halloween Franchise
  • The Great Escape
  • James Bond (You Only Live Twice) – Blofeld

After the big up hill bit of my journey I went through the town centre to get home, just in time for dinner. Passing the mining statue outside the library that depicts the Cadeby colliery disaster and Conisbrough Baptist church. Our church, which may not be open just now due to Covid 19, but is still very much active and serving the community with video services. Dave will be there later on today to help record the service. After all the church is not the building, it’s the people.

I can’t tell you how often i’ve walked by this and not realised it was there – Sign depicting conisbrough. It mentions the place youth club so it’s been there a while.
Mining disaster statue. Showing a woman waiting for her man to come home and a miner being pulled down in the coal behind.
Conisbrough baptist church.

Mental / Emotional Health

This morning we listened to the speeches given by Biden and Harris and whilst I am not American and it doesn’t impact me directly, it was refreshing to hear how they spoke. I’m especially excited for Kamal Harris. The first female Vice President, the first black and first south Asian vice president-elect. Her speech was especially powerful as she promised that she may be the first, but she won’t be the last and she spoke out to all those who never thought it possible to dare to dream. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

As someone in the UK, I don’t know what Trump’s policies did. I have read things about how he was good for smaller businesses and did do some good in that respect, but what I did see is how outspoken he was and how he wasn’t great for many demographics such as the Muslim ban, treating the disabled with disdain and the whole policy of separating children from the parents of people who have tried to enter the country. That was all really uncomfortable. One thing Trump did seem to do is focus on those who supported him and completely disenfranchised all those that didn’t. I know it’s early stages and it’s mostly just words right now, but the speeches by Biden and Harris was all about unity and healing and speaking to ALL not just those who voted them and I think that counts for something.

I’ve got some art to do later, today’s prompt is Solar System which will be fun to do. I’ve also done some work on this site and got some ideas rattling around my head for a wee project.

Lockdown 2 Day 4
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