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Mental Health

We had a chilled start to today. I spent some time working on this site and we caught up on some telly as a family. It’s quite a joy to watch Taskmasker with the kids. I finally got this site to look and feel how I wanted it to and completed the about page. We also enjoyed The Last Leg.

I think a large part of my boost to mental health today was the unfolding situation in America. Seeing the joy by many that Biden was going to win, seeing the fallout from Trump and watching the totally bizarre situation of the ‘big press conference’ in Philadelphia being held by Rudy Guiliani outside a landscaping company called Four Seasons Landscaping, as opposed to the Four Seasons hotel that Trump originally referred to. A small car park (parking lot) with a relatively small crowd, next to an adult bookstore called Fantasy Isand, opposite a crematorium. It was almost surreal seeing the footage of press people leaving when Biden had been called and those left hearing Rudy rant about their ‘proof’ that it was rigged, which seemed to involve the former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier and Will ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Smith’s grandfather voting despite being dead, only he doesn’t know whether they voted for republicans or democrats as that is secret.

My mood isn’t boosted by the fall out, but more the potential and hope that the next 4 years will be calmer and listening to Biden and Harris speaking, they both sounded like what I would expect leaders to speak like. They didn’t snipe at the other side, they didn’t cause upset or controversy they spoke with decorum and gave hope for unity.

I do think it is going to be fascinating to see what happens with the UK relations. Boris Johnson isn’t exactly popular with Biden. He took offence with some comments Johnson made about Obama back in 2016 and he has made his feelings known that he won’t stand by anyone or anything that threatens the Good Friday Agreement. I think Boris Johnson liked Donald Trump, because they were similar and Boris felt that getting a trade deal would be easy. Boris’s weaknesses were unchecked when against Trump, because Trump is similar in his dialogue and bullishness. I don’t think Boris will have that luxury with Biden, if he or the Conservative party want to work with Biden they will have to do so legitimately and without all their bull and spin. I think it’s going to be a fascinating 4 years.

Emotional Health

Aside from spending time with the family and enjoying some downtime I did enjoy doing some art yesterday. I took part in the Global Weekly Art Challenge, for their 3 word prompt and I did my weekly Prompt My Week challenge. For Coronart, the daily prompt group we had the prompt Chilli and I was pretty chuffed with the piece I created. In art the hardest thing is knowing when to stop and sometimes less is more. I am really pleased with the texture of his and the effect it gave. Doing art daily sometimes you can go a long time before you find a piece that you are really proud of.

Physical Health

Having a chilled day, we still made time for a walk. Dave and I popped out after dinner for a local walk. The kids didn’t want to join in. it was pretty dark and also amazingly foggy so we didn’t get to see much. I managed to snap a couple of photos and we did about 2.6 miles, which isn’t bad.

Almost home
Say Cheese

Moody Start to the walk

Lockdown 2 Day 3
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