Lockdown 2 Day 5

Physical Health

Not a lot of walking today, other than to go get Alex from school and pop him down to my parents, still managed 3909 steps. Weather was rubbish to be fair today!

Mental/Emotional Health

I spent a lot of today finishing off module 10 of the Cache Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems course that I am doing through work via The Source. I only have two modules to go to complete the training.

I spent some time choosing tracks and preparing to record this week’s Uncharted with Dave and Caroline Show. We recorded it after Dave finished work and enjoyed 14 cracking tracks. 7 from Dazie Mae and 7 from The Glass Child.

Finishing today off with a virtual games night with friends. We usually done it fortnightly, but done it 3 weeks in a row.

Games night with friends – Dave isn’t usually that grumpy haha

Lockdown 2 Day 5
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