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Physical Health / Emotional Health

Friday 6th November was day 2 of lockdown and it was also a teacher training day for Alex’s school. So we decided to make the most of the day. We got up at the usual time and had breakfast and Alex came with me to drop the girls off at school. We then headed to Clifton Park in Rotherham. Alex wanted to play on the playground and we both wanted to enjoy a walk around the park.

The first path we took

Alex leading the way

Clifton park bandstand

The autumnal colours meant that there were plenty of opportunities for photos. We agreed to have a walk first, before Alex hit the playground. We enjoyed some time on the outdoor gym equipment (hand sanitising afterwards). Walked down through the rock garden before heading towards the play areas.

Alex at the Garden House (which was closed)

The rock garden. No filter used, this is pure autumn

Alex running off to the bandstand

Alex got to have his fun. He enjoyed the swings and play area and the slide (till he got to the bottom and realised what happens when you go down a wet slide on a cold morning). I just remember calculating how mucky he was going to get, but you know what. Clothes wash, seeing him happy and enjoying himself was all that mattered. He came to me when he was done to sanitise his hands, it struck me how normal that’s becoming for him.

Tyre Swing

Play area

Zip Ride

Perhaps the most amusing moment was the aftermath of going down the swing – I couldn’t help but giggle at this.

mucky bum

Mum, i’m a bit wet

Make me spin

Look how high I can get

After a while Alex said he wanted to go, but he didn’t want to go home. He wanted to find another park. So we headed off in the car towards home, but I headed in an alternative route to find another park. For years I have passed a park near Rawmarsh in Rotherham, but never been so we finally checked it out. We headed to Rosehill Memorial Park, smaller than Clifton park, but nice enough.

We explored first, took a walk around the park and through the wooded area where the remains of many pumpkins laid (I can only assume they had a pumpkin smashing spree after halloween!). We spotted loads of squirrels. We spotted plenty in Clifton Park too, but they wouldn’t let me photograph them easily, but I found one in Rosehill that seemed quite curious so I got a couple of cracking shots!

Too busy eating his nut to be worried

Preparing to do a runner

We found a paly area, but there wasn’t much there, but Alex still found opportunity to enjoy himself. Was an absolute pleasure of a morning, I can’t remember the last time that I had a mother and son day, so it was lovely to spend some time just the two of us.

Mummy and Alex at Clifton Park

On the rosehill bandstand

In Rosehill park

When we went home we had lunch with Dave and spend a couple of hours playing games on board game arena. Alex might only be 7, but he’s already a worth opponent on board games. We chilled till I picked up the girls. Enjoyed dinner together and then Dave and I went for another walk after dinner, whilst the girls watched Alex. Alex was ‘too tired’ to do more walking and the girls weren’t keen on going for a walk whilst people were still going crazy with fireworks. I managed 5.68 miles of walking today.

Mental Health

I spent some more time on this website today. I managed to get the structure closer to what I wanted it to be. I enjoyed the weekly news quiz with Dave and his work colleagues over Microsoft teams and prepped for The Bugcast. We also followed some of the news around the US election where it was looking increasingly clear that Biden had won. Taken aback a little by how much Trump was unravelling on twitter. I don’t know enough about Biden to know what all of his policies are, but he at least sounds like a president and acts like on.

Ended today feeling pleased that I had done what I promised myself and made today count.

Lockdown 2 Day 2
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