Conisbrough Castle

Thursday 5th November is the first day of lockdown 2. No change to the early rise. I dropped the girls off to school as usual and returned home to enjoy breakfast with Dave. I then went for the first walk of the day.

Physical Health

Walk 1

Walk 1

The weather was on the chilly side, but it was a clear day. I headed off for a good walk around the local area. I saw less than 10 people on my walk, most appeared to be people doing similar to me, just enjoying some fresh hair.

The first half of the walk is relatively uneventful, it’s along main roads so not particularly picturesque, downhill to start with then the flat and I know that the end of the walk will include an uphill battle. As I returned back to Conisbrough I was able to take in some of the sights that I take for granted. It’s easy to forget to remember how fortunate you are to live in a place with a castle and other slices of history.

First peak of Conisbrough Castle, just above the trees

Better view of Conisbrough castle

Conisbrough Cenotaph

The start of the uphill battle begins, taking the scenic route back into the town centre and enjoying some of Conisbrough’s hidden pathways before walking through St Peter’s church to finish off the walk home.

Narrow path, but handy shortcut

St Peters Church, oldest in South Yorkshire

The rest of the journey is uneventful. All in all I was out for 1 hour 25 minutes.

Walk 2

Went out for an extra walk with Dave at lunchtime, this walk was only 44 minutes, but was good to have some time for just me and Dave to enjoy a walk. All in all I walked 6.68 miles today and that felt good.

Overlooking the fields close to home

Emotional Health

Bonfire Night

We spent some time out in the garden with the kids for bonfire night. We’ve never been a family who have bothered with big displays, the kids aren’t that fond of the really loud fireworks. Dave got a couple of modest packs and we had an hour of so of fun and laughter, as some of our fireworks were drowned out by the plethora of more expensive ones being done by neighbours. We also enjoyed some long sparklers.

Alex and Amy with their sparklers

Dave setting Amy’s firework off

Cara with the sparkler, being very cautious

Mental Health

One of my biggest worries of lockdown 2 is allowing myself to struggle with mental health. There is a big difference this time around with it being autumn/winter with colder and unpredictable weather alongside nights getting darker earlier. So I have made myself a promise to keep busy.

I did a couple of questions on a training course I am doing with the Source acaddemy in Understanding Mental Health, organised throughwork.

I began working on this site to have somewhere to record everything.

Lockdown 2 Day 1
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