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Today’s logo challenge was for a company called ‘Freight First’. A last minute job for a presentation that they are giving for investors the next day.

They gave some information about what the company does and what they wanted to convey and mentioned that they didn’t mind the ‘First’ being replaced by a 1 or the use of a 1.

The brief specifically said they didn’t want anything overly eye catching or colourful, jut something that can convey that they are an experienced company and professional.

I decided to only use 1 colour and substituted the I in the word FIRST for a 1, I then used some FX to make that 1 pop. I also added three ‘>’s after the word First to convey movement from A to B.

I followed the brief to keep the logo unfussy and as the brief mentioned that it was to be used in a presentation I mocked up a PowerPoint slide to include some of the key points in the brief.

I toyed with adding some text under the logo around them being secure, dependable etc. But decided that it was better to leave that to the content of the presentation.

I created a version with a white background, black background and transparent PNG to work with any colour.

Logo against black background
Logo against White background
PowerPoint slide mock-up

Logo Challenge Day 4
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