The grass is always greener

Done for a writing challenge. The prompt was ‘The grass is always greener’ and we had 24 hours. Life was a bit hectic, but I wanted to at least try. This is outside of my comfort zone as poetry isn’t my forte

The grass is always greener

No matter what we have in life, we always want for more.
Competing with our friends, even though no-one is keeping score.

They say the grass is always greener on the other side,
but what sort of things are they using as their guide?

We could compare shallow things like jobs and cars and wealth,
but surely that’s not quite as important as our happiness and health!

Our memories, they are precious – hold on to them, be smart!
The good and bad will stay with you and linger heavy in your heart.

So don’t you waste your energy, trying to be something you are not.
Instead live your life, be happy and be content with your lot!

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