The grass is always greener

Done for a writing challenge. The prompt was 'The grass is always greener' and we had 24 hours. Life was a bit hectic, but I wanted to at least try. This is outside of my comfort zone as poetry isn't my forte The grass is always greener No matter what we have in life, we always want for more. Competing with our friends, even though no-one is keeping score. They ...
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Writing Challenge: Do Not Enter

Do Not Enter Sign
Inside my bedroom I looked at the mirror and a stranger stared back. I barely recognised myself, my school uniform was pristine. My mum had done some intricate styling to my hair and as my eyes travelled down my bright white knee-high socks were sticking out of brand new shiny shoes, the kind little girls wear. The irony is I am not so little. I am fifteen. I looked so differen...
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