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Today I’m delighted to welcome Juliet B Madison to Iwrote to talk about her new book Incarnate Justice, the first book in her new Psychic CID paranormal crime series. Incarnate Justice is released tomorrow, but there is still time to pre-order your copy.

Thanks Caroline

One city, two eras

Incarnate Justice is something a bit different for a paranormal book. The paranormal book market is saturated with vampires, witches, shifters, zombies and werewolves. It’s hard enough to compete in the Ebook market without doing something which has already been done ad nauseum. So I decided to try and do something refreshingly different, a story where police procedure is combined with the use of psychic powers to solve crimes.

I have done a huge amount of forensic research as an aid to writing the DI Frank Lyle Mystery Series, which is actually referenced in Incarnate Justice, despite it being set well into the future. A certain case that DI Lyle and his team once dealt with, and which haunted Ashbeck CID for years afterwards, is now staple material in training for Ashbeck police officers.

Incarnate Justice is set in Ashbeck, since it’s a city I have come to know very well over the last few years and you’re always advised to write about what you’re familiar with. The Ashbeck of DI Lyle’s time isn’t much different to the 2040s Ashbeck of the Psychic CID series. Sadly though the Ashbeck police canteen coffee has NOT improved; in fact it’s gotten worse if anything.

Part of the allure of writing books set in the future is that I can speculate a bit and no one can rubbish me as they don’t know what will be forensically possible twenty-five years from now any more than I do. Unlike the DI Frank Lyle Mystery series, Psychic CID is not heavy on procedural or forensic detail as the important facet, which I hope will distinguish the series from other police procedurals, is the use of Psychic powers to solve crimes. Incarnate Justice lacks post-mortem detail and gory crime scene description, as I’m more concerned with the characters’ feelings, psychic experiences and their sensory impressions of the scenes they encounter.

No one’s sensory or psychic experiences are as important as those of DS Joe Lamont, who is very much the reluctant hero of the story. Readers will come to understand just how central Lamont is to the investigation.

Of course 2040s Ashbeck lacks the team on which DI Lyle relied. District Coroner Dr Barry Fox and Dr Robert Bradley are long gone, although I think DI Lynch would much prefer to have worked with Dr Bradley, as he was so much more open-minded than his modern day counterpart, Dr Monica Kaufman. While Bradley was not psychic he was at least open to other explanations for things he couldn’t explain. Dr Kaufman is closed off to the Psychic world and believes that medicine and science can explain everything, which of course they can’t. In the future we may well discover the reason for Dr Kaufman’s reluctance to embrace the paranormal. I look forward to writing that book once I work out what that reason is.

The problem with a blog tour is that I don’t like to submit the same post everywhere as that defeats the object. I try to write something individual which says something new or phrases the same in different ways.

I’d like to close with a short excerpt which illustrates how important sensory and emotional impressions of people and places are to Psychics. This excerpt comes from Chapter 19 of Incarnate Justice.

“So you steam cleaned the place?”
“Yes ma’am.” Kemp said, “But we had no idea at that time that it was a potential crime scene.”
“Everywhere under Heaven and earth is a potential crime scene,” Lynch replied, “The crime here was committed twenty-five years ago.”
“My colleague could smell an overpowering reek, ma’am.” Kemp replied, “I sensed that a young woman was strangled.”
“Are you psychic, sir?”
“Just plain Mr, Barry Kemp. I’m a sensitive. I can sense spirits and sometimes experience how they passed. I occasionally get thought messages, but I can’t see them.”
“You are correct.” DS Lamont said, “A young girl named Ellen Shaw was strangled.”
He broke off as he caught a whiff of the offending stench. He found himself retching, choking acrid bile back down his throat
“This is the place, boss. That is exactly what I smelt in my dream.”

I’d like to close by thanking Caroline for having me here and extra special thanks for the awesome cover design.

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  1. Thanks for having me Caroline. Really hoping this book does well

  2. Janet says:

    Future world, psychic detectives and great police procedural details, sounds like Juliet Madison has another winning series. Looking forward to reading Incarnate Justice.

  3. I’m very excited about this new series. Thank you, Caroline for featuring Juliet B. Madison today!

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