Old sins cast long shadows – a DI Frank Lyle series novella – Juliet B Madison

Old sins cast long shadows Book Cover Old sins cast long shadows
DI Frank Lyle
Juliet B Madison
Crime - Police Procedural
Dragonfly Press
20th April 2015

Although he is already emotionally raw from almost dying in the line of duty and having to confront a painful aspect of his past, DS Thomas Fox is soon to be faced with yet another shocking revelation.

This time it’s personal as it threatens to blow Thomas’ life irrevocably apart and change the dynamics of the relationships he has with those he loves forever.

As Thomas and his boyfriend, James Lyle, reel from the fallout they are forced to revisit the past where an emotionally devastating blow to Dr Barry Fox and his wife, Sylvia led the future Ashbeck District Coroner to make an irreversible choice


Although Frank Lyle features briefly in this novella, the main focus in this story is the Fox family. DS Thomas Fox is still recovering from the events, which almost took his life. His life faces turmoil again when old family secrets come to the surface and challenges everything that he thought he new about his family.

This is a good length novella and whilst DS Thomas Fox has had a good amount of exposure in the DI Frank Lyle series, it was nice to see some focus on the coroner Barry Fox and his wife Sylvia.

This novella deals with some sensitive subjects and handles them well.

I think a big strength in all of the DI Frank Lyle series is how much all of the characters, main and supporting are given their chance to develop. Whilst the focus of the main stories is generally an act of crime, there has always been development of the characters personal and private lives too.

This series reminds me of good old Police TV series and the author clearly researches her stories well.

Juliet B Madison currently has four full length novels already released, a fifth in development alongside two sets of casefiles and two novella books. Throughout all of these there are a number of developing story archs which run through all of them and builds a richer setting for the stories.

I look forward to the next full length novel.

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