Information about Caroline and the other things she does as well as creative writing.

Name: Caroline Lee

Date of Birth: 28th August 1979

Appearance: 5ft 7in, blue eyed, dark blond hair (though my hair has been pretty much every colour including purple, red, blonde, black, ginger etc.)

Location: South Yorkshire, UK


I’m married to Dave, since 2001 and I am a mummy to Amy, Cara and Alex. I’ve loved creative writing and art (drawing/sketching/cartooning) for a long time. I am also a podcaster and co-host a weekly LIVE podcast with my husband called the Bugcast. I’m a little bit nutty and pretty much everywhere you find me online, you’ll find me under the guise of moosical or lil-miss-moo. I am also an avid reader, computer geek, web designer, part time receptionist/admin in a community art centre, youth worker, project leader and generally busy person, but I always try to keep up with my writing.


It’s quite ironic that a website devoted to my adventures in creative writing saw me flummoxed as to what to write here! I hate doing introductions on websites, it seems so difficult to put into words what I want to. In my head I had loads of ideas that sounded ‘cool’, but writing them out just seemed so odd.

I guess its the difference between writing for pleasure and writing because you have to. If I am working on a story I seldom have issues, but things like this make me sound like a bumbling fool.

I have had an interest in creative writing for a long time, years ago, the thought of ‘creative writing’ left me in a cold sweat, I feared that I had lost my imagination, because I like any attempt to use it was met with… nothing! Then I got back into reading and I found that my imagination became stronger.

I started to have ideas of stories, but I did little more than write the ideas down. I tried to put an early idea down during Nanowrimo in 2008 and due to not planning the story out properly, I didn’t get very far, but I kept what I did for the future.

Then I got into Harry Potter and Twilight and started to get into fanfiction, at first I was very much a reader, but then I started to have ideas of my own and I started to write my own fanfiction and I started to enjoy it. There were some stories out there that got hundreds and thousands of reviews, some deserved it, some I didn’t get, but I never wrote anything with a view to get reviews, I did it because I had an itch that needed to be scratched.

I actually wrote some complete stories, I took part in a couple of ‘bigbangs’ (writing challenges) and I also joined several writing communities on livejournal and my confidence began to grow.

I joined a local writing group, which I still take part in, several people from diverse backgrounds, all with their own individual preferences and viewpoints and I started to enjoy writing even more.

I successfully completed Nanowrimo last year, taking part in a joint project. A single story with two points of view. I managed just over 60,000 words in the 30 days of November and I am still working on completing the rest of this story now.

A good exercise I did last year (2012), was that I looked back over that first ever Nanowrimo attempt and compared it to my writing in the years to follow and I can see where I have improved and I can also see where I need to improve more.

Basically this site will hold all of my writing projects, past and present, including failed projects, which who knows I may pick up again and redo.

It’ll hold my fanfiction, nanowrimo attempts, drabbles, short stories and original stories. I’ll have a big section to showcase characters I have created, which I have to admit I enjoy doing the most, because no matter what stories I do, they tend to be character driven and for me at least they are very visual and as real as I can make them.

My blog will be a mixture of talking about work I am undergoing, reviewing other books, interviewing other independent authors and anything else writing/self publishing related.