Drabbles: Being Human

These were written as part of a ‘drabble contest’ for a community on Livejournal. I was given 20 words or set of words and had to create short drabbles based on characters from a chosen show (I chose Being Human), which covered those words


Nina stood in front of the mirror and combed through her damp hair. She studied the reflection and began to take in all the little details.
The room looked so normal, even George, Sprawled on the bed reading through his book appeared so… Ordinary!
Nina felt a pang of sadness as she realised just how badly she wished that the scene in the reflection was the true picture of their life together… just an ordinary human couple.
Instead the mirror was just as good a liar as they were at hiding the monsters inside from the rest of the world.


The nurse smiled as she took in how nervous the couple looked.
“This is just a minor check up, nothing to worry about” she soothed.

Nina tried to smile, but it did not reach her eyes, she knew they looked just like every other first time parents, but they could hardly share their true fears.

She just hoped everything appeared normal. Even though she was half convinced that the scan would show a wolf inside of her tummy rather than a baby, what on earth would they say then.

Nina squeezed Georges hand as they prepared to meet their child.


Deep within the forest, two wolves are facing each other their bodies crouching close to the ground. One of them makes a small yet subtle move, which the other mimics.
This strange dance continues for some time until slowly but surely they come closer together.
The focus of their attention is now clear as a startled looking deer looks frantically from one of them to the other as the wolves are approaching from each side.
Suddenly one of the wolves lunges for the deer’s neck and pins it to the ground, whilst the other pounces and joins in the feast.


The silence was interrupted by a high pitched scream as Nina fell to her knees. George only had a few seconds to show concern for Nina, before he was also doubled over in agony.
The once silent room was now filled with the sickening noise of bones snapping and crunching and the blood curdling screams of both both George and Nina as their bodies changed.
The transformation feels like it lasts an eternity, but in reality it lasts exactly one minute. Sixty seconds of pure pain to endure, before the blissful ignorance of no human emotions whilst in wolf form.


They knew that Annie was missing Mitchell and they tried their best not to get annoyed, but they were starting to lose their patience, they just wanted some alone time together, but Annie kept getting in the middle and she had no idea she was doing it.
Lounging side by side watching a film, she’d appear and give her own excited commentary. Going to the shops, she’d follow them around and chat incessantly and tell them what to buy, which was torture as they couldn’t exactly yell at her to shut up for fear of people thinking they were crazy.


“… You’re sure you want to see this?” Mitchell clarifies.
Nina and George squeeze each other’s hands and nod.
Mitchell uses the remote to start the DVD and sits back with Annie hovering over his shoulder and watch Nina and George as they watch the DVD.
On screen George and Nina are both writhing on the floor, their bones are breaking and their skin is stretching, they are both screaming in pain.
It’s unpleasant viewing, but are both glued to the screen. Watching how Nina’s pregnant body handles the transformation.
They are both appalled yet fascinated by what they see.


On screen Jacob Black jumps into midair and becomes a russet brown wolf, ready to defend Bella Swan from his pack brothers.
George groans.
“Calm down, it’s just a film!” Nina snapped.
“It’s totally unrealistic! I can’t believe how many people love this crap. Well It’s not all cute fluffy wolves and muscular boys wearing hardly any clothes, it’s pain once a month and bloody chickens on a string or locked basements” George huffed.
Nina sighed “I know, but it could be worse, at least the wolves don’t sparkle!”
“True” George replied happily knowing how much Mitchell hated that bit.


“What if…” Nina began.
Nina felt the dampness on her cheeks as the tears rolled down, her tummy was so rounded now, it was very clear that this wouldn’t be your normal nine month pregnancy and she was starting to panic.
George could see she was still struggling and put his arm around her, pulling her close to his chest. He kissed the top of her head as she sobbed.
“The baby has already proven it is tough. You have transformed three times this pregnant and survived Herrick stabbing you. If the baby can survive that, it can survive anything.”


Nina and George were once great friends, then suddenly he disappeared. She mourned for him and one day she went to his castle to look for clues, she was shocked when from a distance she saw a hooded figure.
She was sure it was George and she squared up to him demanding answers. He hesitated, Angry and frustrated she reached out and yanked down his hood, revealing scratch marks over his once perfect face.
George tensed, waiting for the inevitable screaming and fleeing, instead he was shocked when Nina reached out and lovingly stroked his face.
“What happened?” she asked.


“You are a hero, George” Nina and Annie both agreed.
“What on earth have I done that was heroic… I staked my best friend in the heart and left the three of us to face this Wyndam and the rest of the vampires alone.” George groaned.
Nina went to sit next to George and gently patted him on the leg.
“You freed Mitchell and robbed them of a weapon, you also freed us. The only weapon they could have use against us, to hurt us would have been to make us fight against Mitchell.”
George simply shrugged, still not convinced.


Nina was preparing dinner. Her eyes focused on the raw bloodied steaks. Her stomach growled and she cupped her hands to her belly as the baby gave her a good kicking, dipping her finger into the juices of the steaks and sucking them dry, she felt the baby quieten for a moment, before the kicking started up again.
Suddenly she was ravenous, George watched on in a mix of fascination and horror as Nina filled a bowl with ice cream and poured on the blood from the steak over the top as if it were raspberry sauce and digging in.


George woke first, his body was spooned around Nina’s and they were laying naked on the ground, Nina’s hair was a mess and there were flies swarming around them. As they both woke up and started to sit up, they noticed how each other was covered in blood and mud.
As they both took in the scene around them they found the reason for the mess and the flies, just next to their bodies lay the remains of their meal from the night before, they sat and studied it for some time trying to fathom what creature they had devoured.


George and Nina looked like any other couple as they walked hand in hand around the supermarket. No one knew what horrors the pair would endure that night as the full moon struck.
They didn’t make a conscious effort to do it, but they found themselves gravitating towards the butcher’s section. Their noses twitched as it was assaulted by the scent of a fresh carcass, being dismantled by the butcher.
Quickly they came to their senses, remembering where they were, they picked up two large chickens for the night and rushed away from the alluring smell of the fresh meat.


George and Nina watched their friend Annie as she made yet another cup of tea, it was becoming her obsession. It’s not that they didn’t enjoy tea and biscuits, it’s just this was the fifth cup so far today and it wasn’t even 11 AM yet.
Annie had always been obsessed with making tea, but ever since Mitchell had gone, she became worse, it wasn’t just the quantity, but her obsession with the quality. Their cupboards were now full of dozens and dozens of types of tea , bagged, leaf, herbal, fruit and traditional. Who knew there were so many types!


“George, why are you packing two raw chickens on a string.” Nina asked as they prepared for her first transformation out in the woods rather than the basement room.
“It’s something a friend of mine, Tully taught me. You tie the string around your ankle and when you become a wolf you become obsessed with the scent of the chicken and spend the night chasing it around, rather than causing havoc.”
Nina couldn’t help laughing as the mental image of them running around in circles after a raw chicken on a string entered her head.
“Glad I asked” she chuckled.


George and Nina’s relationship was complicated. They shouldn’t be together, it just wasn’t natural and yet they couldn’t help how they felt about each other.
Nina was almost 90 years old, yet still appeared to be in her twenties, she’d been abstaining from drinking blood for some time. Then she saved George from a beating from other vampires like her.
She knew that he was a werewolf, but still she fell for him, it took them both a long time to reconcile their feelings for each other, but once they had done that they didn’t care what anyone else thought.


George and Nina were resting. This transformation had been hard for Nina, her belly was so big now and she was exhausted. Annie assured them that once they’d transformed the pair of them in wolf form were actually quite cute together. She explained that George just walked around Nina protectively whilst she laid on the ground for most of the time.
Suddenly Nina’s hands flew to her stomach and she yelled out in pain, her waters broke and contractions hit, labour progressed thick and fast and soon it was time to push.
The moment had arrived to meet their child.


George watched Nina as she slept soundly beside him, she looked so peaceful when she slept and he felt so incredibly lucky to have her. Georges eyes travelled down to her rounded belly, he watched on in awe as their baby kicked and wriggled and made her stomach move and dance.
He realised just how much Nina must love him, not only did she accept the fact he was a werewolf, she forgave him when he turned her into one and now here she lay carrying their child.
George smiled happily and wondered how he ever got so damn lucky.


“For the last time George, stop it!” Nina pleaded
George sighed and bit his lip, trying to avoid annoying Nina more. He was just wondering what it would be like for them if neither of them were werewolves, what if this pregnancy was just your normal human pregnancy, what if all they had to worry about was deciding what colour to pain the nursery and which cot or pram to buy.
“Look George, we are what we are and whatever happens we’ll get through it together.” Nina soothed.
George smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes, still thinking “What if!”


George and Nina woke up curled up on the forest floor, as usual George’s body was spooned around Nina’s, her hair and their bodies were a mess.
As they sat up and stretched out their bodies they suddenly realised they were not alone, George moved so that his body was in front of Nina and he guarded her from the odd looking couple in front of them.
“Erm, we can explain…” he began
“Oh no need to do that son, we often come out here for some hanky panky, there’s plenty of woods to go round.”
“Great” George replied warily.

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