Drabble: I am Pain

This drabble was created for a ‘drabble contest’ on Livejournal. Each week a single word would be given and each participant created a drabble based on that word, this was my entry that week. This was written around 2004 or 2005, when I was just getting into writing

I am Pain

I am indiscriminate – I do not care if you are young or old, I can visit you at any time or in any place.

Sometimes my visit is brief…

When you cut your finger or bang your head I am there, eventually you can push me away, with cream and plasters or a painkiller or two but I don’t mind as I know I will be visiting you again sometime soon.

Sometimes I cut much deeper and can burn deep into your soul…

When you lose someone I am right there in the forefront of your mind, through time I can be thought of less, but I am always there waiting to pop up on you at any time and often when you least expect it.

Sometimes I am invited…

When someone self harms themselves my visit brings them some form of relief and they welcome my embrace, unfortunately when they heal I have to leave them again, but I know they will invite me back soon.

Sometimes I am useful…

When a woman is in labour I have an important role to play in helping them listen to their body and to know when to push, they often hate me at the time, but once their baby has arrived I am but a distant memory.

Sometimes I am needed……..

When someone has hurt you and says ‘sorry’ or ‘I won’t do it again’ you need me to remind you how they made you feel so that you can make the decision whether to forgive or not.

Sometimes I cannot be understood…

When someone commits an atrocious crime the pain I cause to their victim/s is unfathomable by those who see or hear about it.

Sometimes I am feared…

When you suffer from a long term illness or have a recurring injury , you know that when you are bad I visit and I am often excruciating. You spend so long worrying about my return you forget how to relax.

Those are just some of my many guises and there are so many more. You can never fully escape me!

Yes, you can choose not to think or feel about me for a little while. Just don’t forget though that I am always there, in the background watching and waiting for my opportunity to visit you again.

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